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Follow a Journey of Love and War From Beginning to End

The Kopaz Series is the adventurous series telling the tale of a war between gods and two unassuming teenagers who have a pivotal role to play in that very war. From the mind of Dale Groutage, this tale about a war of the gods is action-packed and full of adventure with a touching teen romance trying to survive the trials and tribulations of the world around it.

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Jeannie's Golden Key Cover Jeannie's Golden Key Back Cover

Jeannie's Golden Key

When the dark god Zuron declares war against the supreme god and goddess, Viracocha and Neferdor, he will stop at nothing, even the destruction of the universe, to seize power. Meanwhile, in the Scarlet Desert of Wyoming, 17-year-old Danny loses his father in a mining accident and his friend Jeannie takes him treasure hunting in an effort to get his mind off the tragedy. What they find, however, is a chamber where Jeannie discovers a family heirloom might be more than she could have ever known.

Secrets of the Sun Cover Secrets of The Sun Back

Secrets of the Sun

Jeannie LoneTree and Danny Roberts didn't know that instead of finding pirate treasure in the Scarlet Desert on their quest to escape a life of poverty in CoalVille that they would discover something unimaginable—a priceless treasure that would thrust them into the middle of a war between primordial gods. The war can only be won with their help, and the teens are hot on the trails of tangled riddles and clues when they stumble into a secret buried within the Boar's Tusk, an ancient volcanic formation. But a malevolent force they would have never even thought to be involved in the war of the gods is coming for them.

Young Gods of Kopaz Front Young Gods of Kopaz Back

Young Gods of Kopaz

Jeannie and Danny now stand as new gods in the land of Kopaz, albeit on probation. Despite their growing power, however, they find themselves beset upon by agents of Lord Mochom, a servant of the dark god Zuron. When Jeannie is imprisoned, and Danny is viciously attacked, all hope seems lost. But the gods have other plans, and Danny is brought under the tutelage of the emissary Quill. A battle is about to begin, and while the new god's power is vital, they also have an advantage their enemies will never see coming.

War of the Gods Front War of the Gods Back

War of the Gods

On a planet circling the herculean star at the universe's center, Danny and Jeannie are far away from their hometown of CoalVille. The teens stand with the supreme gods, Viracocha and Neferdor, against the dark god Zuron. However, Zuron cannot be defeated unless his cipher is solved first. With time running short and the presence of a traitor in the supreme god's inner circle, all hope seems lost. But the teens may have the answer to Zuron's riddle, and it may reside back in their own hometown.